• shahzadhusain_ 23w

    Inside path,out we search

    Story or Tale,
    Whatever you say
    It starts with clay
    And ends in clay
    In between that
    beginning and end
    This mannequin of mud
    Gets lost and astrays
    Early do some reach the pyre
    But living ones also burn in fire
    In their turbulences and trials
    Thousand deaths they die
    Many times they get slained
    In the pretence & what they feigned
    Combing the world in search of truth
    Scouring the spaces,yet finding no clue
    Weary spirits just cease to play
    No more desires to leap in fray
    In these moments of retreat in silence
    Loosing themselves,forgetting the din
    While sitting on clay,they find the evidence
    Of the inner path,which to travel they feared
    Had they moved in this direction
    All thorns in life would have cleared
    The thirst of soul would have quenched Mannequin of clay in peace would've drenched.