• roviso 5w

    Almost my Lover

    Frankly speaking out my mind, you touched my heart of stone. Hundreds of women had I come across, yet none got my attention as you did. It is true, there are souls who understand each other so well, right from the first sight. She and I are an example to that.

    I couldn't held any longer to see for the girl, who wore white fitting high neck blouse and blank formal long pants, whom I met the day before. We crossed by and to my amazement I tilted my head to have her back view. She had a graceful walk.

    In due course I learnt her name. The second step took me to her fb profile. By God's grace, i found her Jio number there. That was the day I took an extra mile in contacting a girl. It was a first sight love for me. We soon developed a great taste for each other.

    I remember the proximity between us, both in mind and physical. We both had a natural inclination for each other. I saw the effort put in by you in searching to be in my sight. It was a mutual task. We soon became a great friends.

    Whole those time I stole secret glances, courted thee but never express my heart to thee. Had I said, "I love you" you might have been mine. But I was too late in asking your heart. You gave your, "yes" to someone who recently came into your life. You were almost my lover.