• roviso 5w

    Battle for Love

    "I think he is cheating on me" says a girl who has being on a date for four years. I sat listening to her emotional journey as she opened all her past hurts unto me. Her eyes told me she is tired of him.

    The mounting charges went on, "he doesn't love me, if not he'll have time for me". Every word she spoke was firm and infused with anger. Her soft plumpy cheeks became wet as tears spring out from her eyes.

    Every second she talked about her boyfriend, I could see two sides of herself. "We've a toxic relationship, I am done with him" the next sentence, "he is my first true love". She is hypnotized in love as she takes his abuse for love.

    "He shouts, gets angry with me every time and whenever we talk he says he's busy." She is a lady endowed with mildness but the next sentence she spoke revealed her enduring hurts, "I will slap him and make him go through what I've been through".

    "I've been living without him and I can live without him", was her reply as I told her, to choose what she wanted in life. "I can't concentrate in things I do, he has ruined me" cried the girl. I empathy her yet, the fact remains, " I want him back". Yes a battle for love.