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    Title was from the poem, "a thing of beauty".
    A natural thought, yet it's an emotion.
    The floods in various states of India. We know the accident of Chernobyl, how many of you have heard about, "Bhopal Gas Tradegy"?
    "All lie that we fed towards anything is like a debt, and sooner or later that debt is being paid".

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    Green Wars.

    A war against myself,
    A war against everyone.
    Everyday we humans rages against nature.
    Nature tends to pay back,
    For all the pains, profound or less.
    Wether the Chernobyl, or Bhopal Gas tradegy,
    Nature looks at us with the meanest of looks.

    How can we live,
    Without greeting the air we breathe,
    Always ignorant towards each other,
    We rages green wars.

    "Man, I'm very tired,
    Oh it's hot here"
    Don't think about nature,
    That's degrading everyday.
    Has anyone noticed the Amazon fires,
    Yes, but still wages war against the nature.