• emeritus 7w

    Deep Beyond The Benefits

    Oporr!! Oporr!!
    That's how we hailed him,
    He was the new emperor!!
    Till we later got to know,
    His money was the blood of his mother outflow.

    We only saw in the superficial,
    He was ''making'' it and we were pressured to be like him,
    We never knew what went down when he was alone in the dim
    Blood in the deep but ''on God'' on the surface.

    Learn to see beyond the camera,
    Don't jeopardize yourself for the sake of instant gratification,
    We live in an age where most things are staged,
    It may not be easy but hustle your hustle.

    Don't just see the award,
    See the hands that held the award,
    Don't give your life an unnecessary experience,
    Experience you could have learnt from previously failed experiments.