• xranionox 10w


    My face is buring up
    When did these feelings develop
    Oh my goodness, so hot
    It all started with a thought
    My face is getting red
    I nuzzel your chest with my head
    So wonderfully warm
    Won't you take me to bed
    You lay beside me your hand on my head
    Playing with my hair
    Our skin is bare
    And here I am blushing
    A bright red on my face is flushing
    I'm so embarressed
    My feelings are so apparent
    I've fallen for you
    And your feelings have grew
    Your lips are oily
    I feel you bite my neck, holy
    It feels so good
    Who knew it would
    Sleeping with him
    Remind me to hit the gym
    Its over too soon
    There I am, asleep after I swoon