• the_lost_melody 9w

    // Endings //

    I don't like endings... they're sad and pitiful. There's nothing beautiful about a story ending, no matter how happy the end might be. In my head the characters live on, an ending doesn't mean everything ceases to exist. But endings with someone special, where it's a goodbye.. it's so hard to live on, pretending everything will be fine eventually, when in truth, you don't know who you are without them.

    There's this haunting hollow deep within you and in the shallow end where you try to be fine. Time doesn't stop for you to be okay, but you do stop and watch life pass by. Somewhere, maybe that someone remembers you or not, but you with the memory of love continue to exist in the thoughts of him.

    Tell me if this is the end or just a story not worth reckoning. Me and you belonging in the same world but not belonging together. I don't know what reality is, but if it's this, I hope we meet each other again, between the pages of our beginning and our end.


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