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    By unknown writer

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    Happy birthday

    It's a thing of joy yet
    I feel my heart is at the
    Verge of fulling
    The moment i try to ignore
    How i really feel
    Then my heart yells for help
    It really feels as though, we
    Are all helpless

    In my weakness am left with
    Nothing else to do than sleep
    Waking up spoils the fun

    I saw u in my dreams
    We celebrated your day together
    Best of it was the smiles
    I had in your arms, all the
    Laughter and celebrations
    Kept our faces glowing

    I woke up and my heart
    Kept on
    Tearing for an opportunity
    To say goodbye to it beloved
    And am stuck with that unexplainable
    Feeling which every one will refer
    To be total madness
    Then am left with no option
    Than to say happy birthday
    While my heart still ask
    Where is the cake?

    My love you deserve to be celebrated
    You are a blessing to the world
    Your existence beautifies nature
    Am privileged to have you as mine
    I am blessed having u.
    Happy birthday greatness