• solace 34w

    See, we can keep crying in our bedrooms
    Or public
    Still nothing is gonna change
    As long as we're not ready to bless nature
    Karma will never bless us

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    I envy your solitude
    Which you now adore
    Our heart is empty
    For the absence of your smile
    Has created a vacuum

    If i can turn back time
    Into the past I wished to change
    I'd take your place
    And let my anguish die
    So you can keep Blessing
    the world with your grace

    Faith has it coming
    That hope could fail.
    Yet patience was silence
    Even when she already
    Knows the inevitable

    And when joy divorce our heart
    And pain filled it with anger
    revenge became a mission
    If forgiveness hasn't intervene
    Peace would have been extinct