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    I really was thinking about not writing this story, my friend self harms and I'm just worried about her mostly because I don't know how to help, if anyone has an idea I'd greatly appreciate it and if anyone is thinking about self harming or does it I hope you stop hurting yourself or even considering that, please talk to someone it helps . #stopselfharm #stopsucide

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    "Show me your arm b" Roxy says, "I don't want to" b says stubbornly. "Show me your arms b". I said, now that I can clearly see her face, it looks like she's been crying. She shows her arms and I can see new cuts on them, the look on Roxy's face, she's obviously horrified and I, I'm just sad. "Why? It's been so long and you promised you wouldn't, why did you b, we have plans for you and you're ruining everything!" I yelled, I probably shouldn't have cause b just turned defensive. "You both don't care about me, you're only here because of your plans for me, what happens if I fail? You'll leave me like everyone else, don't tell me what to do with my skin, it'll heal and the scars will fade" she says. "We're sorry you feel that way little wolf, it's just we want the best for you. Look at you, you got hurt again, you have no one else but us, we just want you to be happy little goddess."Roxy says. Now B is enraged, " I hate when you call me that, I hate when people treat me like a kid, I hate when I always have to call people to get me out of trouble. I'm an adult, I can look out for myself, you guys don't see me as one and it hurts, it makes me feel insecure, worthless, broken, waste of space, I want to be acknowledged and not seen as a fucking wet lost puppy. I just want someone for myself, someone that sees me is that so hard! I'm always seen as a kid, little wolf, little child, little queen, little goddess, I don't feel like one, I feel so exhausted, I want it to end, don't you understand I want an exit!". " Are we not enough?" I ask my voice wavering. " Of course you are, it's just that you're so far away, we've never met before, except the two of you and I just feel like an outsider, I always feel like an outsider, that's why I want my friend, you both are more that friends but I want mine, I'm selfish and ungrateful aren't I?" She asks. "Of course you're not, we both understand, we're sorry, we treat you like a kid. You're a queen to us not a little one and when we call you little it's not condescending it's our form of endearment ". Roxy says "I know, it's just hard getting that through my thick skull." She says smiling sadly.