• ladyzest 9w

    God don't give YOU what you can't deal with! Hold on, look to God, don't jump ship, be strong.

    All I have ever wanted, since I was young, was to live, function and be happy. That's has not been so far. It's just been sadness, unhappiness, some good times, frustrations, stress, negativeness. Ow am tired, but if not for the grace of God, I would have flopped long time. God is my strength, he strengthens me to live. He sustains me. Glory be to God.

    Just venting. Feeling low, sad, unhappy, unloved, uncared for, lonely, used, and tired. But, but in my weakness, I am strong. So I maybe tired, frustrated, unhappy, fed up! I keep going because God makes me stronger... Thank you God.

    Psalm 30 vs 5 is my comfort.

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