• saumya_ 35w


    "Are you okay?"
    "Yeah, I am fine," I replied with the most courageous smile that I could muster.
    "Don't lie, please!"
    "I am not lying."

    "Then why did your voice change while saying that! I read your works, you are hurting it's evident, it reflects in your writing. Please don't be sad. Stop thinking so much!"

    "Fine! It hurts. It hurts alot because I know it means nothing to you. That you are just tolerating me because I happen to be your friend! It hurts because I love you and I am trying not to, but everytime I look at you I fall even harder. It hurts because I know you don't and I can't force you to...I love you so much it hurts!"

    Ofcourse I didn't say that.
    All I could say was, "I am okay," and yet he heard everything ❣