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    Her life was like a rainbow!
    That inthralling rainbow..
    Came out after a long melancholia
    N doldrums!
    Her ray of light embosomed her!.
    N took away all her agony n pain!
    Her sunshine embraced her..
    N enshrouded all their torments!.
    But as we know ..
    Rainbow last for diminutive time.
    Comparably her exuberance
    Delectation n beatitude too!
    The menace of anguish n disunion
    Pilfered all her merriment!
    Tenebrosity that was peregrinating
    At her doorstep ..
    Got it's semblance!
    All the glimmer of her life is gone..
    As her ray of light is no more with her!

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    A rainbow without its colour!

    Her life: all black
    Although his fav colour
    Still worst n bad!