• aparajita17 6w

    Old fashion girl

    She is simple
    and little stupid.
    Wants to make friends
    But doesn't go on social world for it.
    In the era of swipe left and right,
    She has one handsome face
    And she always falls for it.
    She doesn't know how to break
    And doesn't know how to move on
    But she knows what the true love is
    And she knows how to wait for it.
    She is not famous in social world
    But she has her own world
    And she wants to make a star in it.
    She doesn't know how to do makeup
    She doesn't know how to become stylish
    But she knows value of the happy face
    And knows how to put smile in it
    No body can change it
    Everybody knows it
    She is a girl
    She is an old fashion girl.