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    Ending NaPoWriMo with this. I could not write each day and I feel bad. This is honestly not the right time for any of us. #architawrites #inspiration #poetry #thoughts

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    I envisage world with my eyes shut
    No colour, no smile, no dark, no light.
    How do you remember with nothing to see?
    I memorise touches,
    as a tactile token of love.
    How you touch
    a hand, a soul is how you are remembered?
    I recall blessings from wrinkled hands,
    lined with experience.
    On wintry nights I find warmth in hands,
    roughened by constant giving.
    I remember tender fingers clutching,
    feeble and full of love.
    Edges of quaint crinkly books, and worn out rubber balls.
    A lover's tenderness, a friend's comfort.
    I trace my hands,
    to remember every bit.
    I chronicle touches in memories,
    where they remain untouched.
    Caressing and reminiscing,
    I fondle a little longer with souvenirs,
    people carelessly give.