• aarushisood_as 9w


    Life got messed that night
    It's hard to believe nothing is alright
    That blushing Smile is now some where lost
    She vows to bring that smile back at any cost
    Whenever they fell apart their hearts felt same pain
    Cursed nights like this let their happiness drain
    Their Souls are crying in affliction
    He's not a drug but his love is her addiction
    The curse was unknown of the fact
    True lovers true love, no evil can impact
    There's no time and reasons to repent
    Fighting like kids on stupid little arguments
    Everytime Wind whispers her lover's name
    That evil night injured her heart with so many blames
    Sometimes unexpected days hurt very badly
    Wounds are very deep sadly
    He left her alone like he never cared
    This time things seemed little weird
    But still she trusts that he will come
    There relationship is Pure, it's not a scum
    None can dim it's special glow
    Day by day their love only grows
    Things might have changed gradually
    Let's see how their fight will end naturally
    The trail of their love is eternal
    She'll be One day Doctor and he'll be Colonel
    Mind is just resisting to stay apart
    Separation is piercing their hearts
    'I trust him' she says day and night
    Deep inside both want to end this fight
    Privacy is their primary goal
    She loves his necks black mole
    Cursed nights come and go
    At the end both lovers always bow
    Their Love has grown so intense
    People will not understand this love story's sense
    They doesn't care what others think
    When tears fall their eyes got blink
    Once again happiness will fall
    'I love you Alot' he'll say in call
    Clouds of darkness will soon get scattered
    Cursed nights in last never mattered
    Singly their life's has no role