• shakiraho 30w

    Back In Time

    Sometimes I wish I had the rewind button to go back in time.

    There are some things that need to be left behind.

    People who brought nothing but pure misery and try to alienate me.

    They took all of my energy and tried to make me obsolete.

    But I rose up and had to defeat the enemy as I was taught that was their job to overcrowd me.

    I cannot change the things that have caused me grief.

    All I can do now is pick up the pace.

    I want to get back to things that have a place.

    A place to live and be free.

    I guess I should really say I don't need to go back in time since that chapter in my life is done.

    I am moving forward with my life and that will be grand.

    You will see me honored like a scholar.

    I will get my respect that I utterly deserve.

    Matter of fact, I will use the time to get my mind in line with the great things that should occupy my time.

    Like a needle and a sewing pin

    I am weaving nothing but positive vibes and winning.