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    An open letter for SomeOne sPeciaL

    Hey love,
    I know that there are some misunderstandings between us now. But I really want to tell you that I had always wanted to clear things. You might not believe it but I had read all of our chats these days when you were apart from me. Yes, I did, stupid.
    You had never asked about my past, but, I was always an open book for you. Yes, I was and I am, forever!
    I clearly remember those days when you couldn't sleep and didn't let me sleep until 6 in the morning.
    You didn't allow me to talk with another guy, because it makes you jealous. It's kinda stupid, but I had always liked your jealousy the most, maybe even more than you, LoL!
    So, if you are reading this, please put some efforts to make me stay, otherwise it will become a burden on my heart.