• kenyettajohnson 9w

    Wake Up & Life


    Wake Up

    Wake up roll up open up cut up

    No if's and or buts about it

    I keep it real in loyalty

    I'm all about it

    Who gives a f*** if I'm not like you

    I'm on some other s***

    You don't have a clue

    They don't have values or morals anymore

    These b****** are bad spoiled rotten to the core

    Everyday they wake up roll up open up cut up

    Change of routine to have the need to

    Wake up grow up sit up listen up

    Remember when we had respect for each other

    Best friends like we had the same mother

    Don't let one rotten apple spoil the whole bunch

    Pick it up throw it out the good deserves a healthy lunch

    Wake up grow up sit up listen up


    I am life I deserve to live

    You force me to die against my will

    Why live in torment

    With misery scent

    To turn off my bright light

    You are so selfish I will die without a fight

    Why give life when I'm sad

    Why does my happiness make you mad

    Keep on hating I will take your breath

    Loss of life is a permanent death

    I am life if I'm not happy no one will be

    So leave me alone and live to see

    Another day in this world

    I am life God's favorite girl

    Make your bed you lie in it

    I am life don't you forget

    Give me my respect

    Or you will regret

    The death of everyone in my sight

    You want me to die just to spite

    Trap me mentally a life of gloom

    Back up get out of my way and give me some room

    Back up and let me do my job

    Like the Grinch stole Christmas you are trying to rob

    Let the people live

    There is plenty of life I have to give