• mika_baby10 10w

    Here to say sorry. (to myself)

    Im sorry,
    Sorry to all the sleepless nights, worrying about you, well you were out fucking me over, I was home crying cooking supper.

    I'm sorry, sorry for the countless times I picked you up off the floor ,covered in your own urine, ran you a hot bath, n sat and let you cry in my arms, even though deep down I was mental exhausted myself.

    I'm sorry for letting you push me around when I wasn't beneficial to you anymore, and kept a smile on my face.

    I'm sorry for speaking so highly of you every time you weren't aroumd, calling you my friend or my family, even for some of you once my heroes.
    Even though you bashed my name every chance you got.

    I'm sorry I could only lend you 15$,
    I'm homeless and only had 20$ to my name, I know your probably gunna spend it on drugs or a bottle, and then just tell me how I'm the selfish bitch cause you ok only got 15$, but here you go.

    I'm sorry I didnt eat today, I was to worried about my so called best friend that needed a cab ride from the bar , so I spent my last bit of money to get them home safe, but yet it's a week later you get 1100 and I asked for a toonie the other day for a pop cause my blood sugar was low , and you said no cause you need to "save"

    Im sorry that I am tired , and drained
    I just spent all day folding all the laundry and making supper and organizing our messed up lives, even though you slept 4 days and now screaming at me but yet I just let you sleep cause i knew you were tired and needed a break.

    I'm sorry that im "annoying " because i talk alot, but i only do that cause.im scared if dont blurt it out, then noone is actually listening to me.

    But mostly I'm sorry to myself , I'm sorry I put up with so much bull, and let myself get stomped on and taken advantage of.