• xxkatherine_aclairexx 10w


    Whipping at your body
    Soft, yet bitter cold
    Yes, like a wave of plenty
    Within the tales of old

    Soaring through the skyline
    Yet impossible to see
    Lies the wind, a temptress
    Drawing you to her breeze

    Yet once you get enamoured
    And her gust encase you in
    You'll find that she's a sly one
    Yes that seductress known as wind

    She'll sing you a sweet song
    Of legends that remain
    As her siren snare encasess you
    Tornado to a hurricane

    Yes, that grand enchantress
    Luring people from where they're safe
    That coquette 'll leave you homeless
    If you give in to her willful wake

    So who is this Lorelie
    Empress of sin
    Why we all do know her
    For she calls herself the wind

    ~Katherine Aclaire