• finnisam 10w

    Legend to Nothing

    The legends of a humanity consumed by sorrow
    Replaced by the hatred of an earthly tomorrow.
    Seeking retribution for the crimes of the past,
    Humanity tears asunder like willing iconoclasts.

    Myths of a forgotten past consume the future
    As more wounds appear without suture.
    “Break the idols, destroy that fading truth!”
    We hear from the lips of the omniscient youth.

    Newly formed ideas of a hatred untested,
    Goodness drenched in blood and bested.
    “Tear it down. Destroy this undeserving world!”
    So speak the prophets of primal emotion unfurled.

    “What gain could the past and present give?”
    None, we have only forgotten how to live
    Through the sorrow, the pain and the misery.
    Hollow tales of human ambition become a twisted history.

    “What god could tear asunder his own immortal image?”
    The false human god we created to fulfil this mortal mirage.