• the_hidden_bliss 9w

    I sit on my comfortable chair,
    Having my evening cup of coffee,
    The fireplace mirrors my expectations,
    Providing me with the cosy and comfy nook I look for.

    "Comfort" - Yes it's something I wanted the whole of my life,
    And trust me it's peaceful!
    It's calm,
    It's snug,
    It's hassle-free.

    I am rid of those terrible screen presentations,
    Nor have I to delve into boring texts to find answers,
    I don't have to think about how or will I even survive this race till the end.
    I haven't met uncertainty for the longest time.

    I am here now
    Wondering whether I will get the fire in my soul back?
    Or was it all just a phase?
    Wasn't the moment beautiful,
    When survival was not obvious.
    Embers smoulder in the fireplace,
    But not in my soul anymore.
    And all I desperately look for now
    Is an ounce of chaos.

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