• aritrigupta 51w

    Sometimes, heroes aren’t the people who inspire you with their life stories, or by leading by example. They aren’t those who can move mountains or brew up storms to save the world.
    Sometimes they are those who fail to understand us at our worst, yet don’t forget to say a prayer on our behalf before the day ends.
    Sometimes, they are strangers who smile at you on a difficult day, while you wait for the bus.
    They are people we have hurt, who have no qualms in forgiving us for the wounds we inflicted.
    Heroes are anonymous poems from unknown hands, writing about their pain and the battles they fight every day.
    Or it is a cup of tea, rightly sweet and the perfect colour, to fill your in all your senses with the hope that everything will be alright with just a sip of the magic potion.
    And mostly, it is you, with the spirit of a wild horse and the courage of an Amazon, and a heart that can capture the entire world in its walls.