• urvashi_s 27w


    Who that is down needs fear no fall.
    There is no reason to stand tall.
    Flying high and remaining on the ground,
    Is no pun my friend.
    It's the irony that is sound.

    Even the eagle returns to it's eyrie,
    Even the lion gets weary.
    You are just a dancing puppet,
    In the hands of life.
    You will be a mere body
    The day you die.

    The table may turn any day round.
    You will be left alone;
    And none to surround.
    The days spent in happiness
    Will turn into sorrow.
    Thou never know,
    What's in store for tomorrow.

    None saved from its befall,
    Pride has always taken its toll.
    And how much you try,
    In the end,
    You will be left with nothing at all.