• arkiller 5w

    Drowning in my fears
    Afraid of showing my tears
    Not letting anyone come near
    Trying to run away from all I hold dear
    Sitting in my room drinking my beer

    Is this really me
    Or someone else is in my body
    Someone who is afraid to live and scared to die
    This is not me alright
    I wasn't like this in the beginning
    Used to be clever in thinking
    But now all my decisions are rash
    And my life has become trash

    All my good habits are gone
    Bad habits are attached to me through the bone
    Spending my time all alone
    Feelings are turning into stone
    Don't have anything to call my own
    Under the power of something unknown
    Now all that's left of me is this clone

    I don't know how I will face my past self
    He left all decisions on me
    Feels awful to be betrayed by myself
    Everyday it's a battle against oneself