• soulwriters 5w

    It's Sinking

    I'll give you my days, let the nights be mine.
    I'll hear you out in light but I wanna cry at nights.
    Dark is the devil you fear, turns out, its a friend of mine,
    I want no sympathy of yours, all I need is faraway from lights.

    I wanna be heard too but I can't let you see me cry,
    Coz you don't know but you're one of the reasons why,
    I can't hurt you to feel better like you do without thinking,
    I might have been terrible but you don't know my terrible life,
    My Strength to stand it all might grow in ways you can't imagine,
    But dare I think its all I got, No. I know, it is just the beginning.

    My trust on you, darling its sinking as I think of Hopes I still have,
    The least that's left is gradually ebbing away, I need you to stop,
    Stop pushing it to worse, take a break, think and start again,
    'Cause You & I is all I & You might end with and this what it is, is all we have.