• pen_and_paper 9w

    I'm gonna fight 'em all.
    A seven nation army couldn't hold me back.

    ~The white strips.

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    Of cigarettes and smokes.

    I smoke whenever,
    I've wished for something else.
    But I love it more than anything.
    It's like I can see,
    order shaping into chaos,
    makes me feel like God,
    sitting in a mundane field with friends,
    asking me questions,
    which I don't reply,
    I'm shy.
    I don't deny.
    But step into my head,
    there's something which is alive,
    not dead yet,
    Like the ancient tombs of Egypt,
    a hope to be reborn.
    I see myself in the smokes,
    people around are so shy,
    in theirs mind,
    I'm loud,
    I shout,
    It's whisper rather,
    when it's out.

    Can you find me in my words
    or rather in my mind,
    I wonder how I'd let myself be defined?!