• ruqayyahava 10w

    They say, you know Ruquiya ? Everyone wants a girl like you , who will be loyal faithful and will "worship" like god .

    Really Dearly

    He got this "Devotee" , because he never wanted one asked one, he doesn't like this things," I will bow down to you, & worship , and will treat like god ,he gave equality , I was the one ruler, you can not tolerate me , I never listened anyone ,rebel always, he tolerated this woman ..you can not..everyone left n treated like .they don't want me cuz I was out of reach cuz i say alot blunt, and check people if how much they can go long with me , he treated me like god , and I was the one who says i need this that, do this way that way.he knew I feel bad whenever he showed alot love ,& in my all mistakes he treated with love & silence, &,when I did mistakes, I thought he will abuse me like other men I met...but I am seeing ,I did this big mistake & he doesn't say any word ..then I knew oh! I was treated badly ..real men treats like this way.

    So he was the "GIVER"

    So who never ask ,or demand or thought to get ..they only get.

    The one boy who shows ...Hey ! No one can love me the way I did or do..I am the one deserving .
    Back off women's

    A real one will give everything still feel doubts

    He is the "OLD"