• inevitable 10w

    Her temperament is unstable
    Her soul is inflappable
    Her work is remarkable
    Her choice is incredible
    Her heart is lovable
    But the fear inside her head is ineludible
    Steps in her road is impenetrable

    She still stands strong
    Against all the odds
    In those roads
    To conquer those wars
    She has long stopped
    Being behind those bars

    She has choosen her road
    Freedom has found
    Not the same meaning
    As she was told

    She has the abilty to succeed
    People are talking about those deed
    Reached out everytime for help
    because she is capable
    She has gone through so much to become this able
    Don't try to make her achievements measurable
    Adversity may be there
    She choose to fight everytime
    Because she is inevitable