• alokvatsa 30w

    The Dance of Shiva - Tandava

    Tandava symbolizes the cosmic cycles of creation and destruction, as well as the daily rhythm of birth and death.

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    The massive thump.
    A trembling time wave,
    Is the steady ripple on the drum.
    Dancing amidst the flames.
    Waltzing across galaxies, slithering between nebulae.
    Adiyogi, he was meditating since eons.
    But now the eye of the storm has been awakened.
    And this time there'll be no disguise.

    There, among his entangled electric locks.
    Lie hidden the Goddess Ganga and the crescent moon,
    As well as the powerful dhatura.
    Mighty Trishula adorning his hand.
    And writhing serpents, curling along his neck.
    Rythmic dam dam of damru revealing the eternal truth.
    That the dance must go on.
    The Dance of Shiva,
    The Cosmic Dance.