• anglesbyjfk 5w

    FOOD.... You know I love food. But couples and food. Mehn! There’s a big lesson there, and a big headache, too. He only eats this. She doesn’t eat that. It used to be we were just glad to eat! Now there’s no gluten, no lactose, no meat. Vegan shmegan. Organic, my tuchus. You know what I mean? If they don’t eat the same thing, it’s a nightmare. Unless, Unless he can keep his mouth shut or she can keep her mouth shut and they can stop themselves from telling the other person they’re stupid for saying cows are a plague on the planet. Shut up about the food. Tell them to like it or lump it. LOVE WAITS FOR NO DIET. LOVE HAS NO RECIPE. FOLLOW WHAT WORKS FOR YOU&JUST DO YOU!❤