• pavanteja 27w

    Hello, Mirakee
    I am back, that is all i could say.
    Sorry for that lame posts written previously....
    This is my attempt to tune me for better.
    I have to thank three people in particular they are a constant in my mirakee journey.
    @loving_reverie Read her posts, You will have a sharp and soft descent in emotions and its reflections. A constant admirer of her, Her words were always an unending thirst to me, I gulp them down and get lost into it...
    @drunken_liar He says, I was his inspiration but the opposite was true, Thank you for questioning me and keeping a check on me at regular intervals.
    @soulwriter Thank you so much, for being with every post of mine. A constant motivator for me.

    Words are reflections and here is mine from the best of yours.

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    Notes of my Pulse

    Like a speck in the east wind
    I traveled in the mix of sharp detours
    Leisurely in the breath of my thoughts
    Feeling naked in the wilderness of it

    Backed up by haunting memories
    Mostly fuelled by imagination
    The nerve in me hissed a silent whisper
    A question of broken phrases...

    You never knew the answer right?
    Nor that question, that signifies this flow
    This play of shadows have a script on its own
    "Try" and getting "Tired" is the routine of it

    To tremble the veins in my heart
    My mind played its every darkest shade
    Anxiety, Fear, Love, Lust, Anger
    Many more in regular installments...
    Subtle comfort, Occasionally
    Searing pain, frequently

    Of all the musings that I hear
    What is mine? Where am I?
    Am I a stranger to my own words
    As I struggle in the breath of loneliness
    Is this a journey, forever...
    Or a sojourn of mixed halts
    That teases you with almost every taste

    As I walk on this road for a next leap
    The adjacent street sign is still a blur
    I smile, tired enough to cry...
    Will I find my half lit home?
    That's just strong enough to lean on
    To put my bruised back,
    Will I find a facade?
    To relax my eyes from that dense light,
    Will I find that silence?
    To breathe and sleep in the sound of it...