• itish5 10w

    There's a void
    I can't fathom
    As if the lively sea is quite
    As if the waves went off the shore
    And never returned
    As if the lives of the sea
    Have closed their doors
    And left their windows ajar
    From there emanates a murmuring sound
    As if their's a silence shrouding a noise
    As if the wind evades the ground
    Rumbling above the sea
    Seeking for the alliance
    Yet there prevails a stillness
    Spreading an aroma of nothingness
    A total hoax!!!!
    For sea is an insignia of life
    Perhaps it's the water confined in a jar
    Amassing an emptiness
    Treading through the veins
    Arousing the nerves
    Dazing the senses
    Hazing of the lenses
    Makes me to fall off the crest
    And slip off the trough
    Leaves fluttered to fly off and mock
    As I mused sitting on the rock