• rinasekhon 9w

    Uncle's birthday

    To the second idol in my life
    The moment you came in my life many things changed cause I had you by my side.
    I respected you from heart
    I respected you for what you are
    And not for what you do
    When you are around I found inspiration so new
    Your words give new meaning to my life
    Your lesson of struggle, strive for your family is so surreal and the funny moments didn't stop you for who you are
    I am so glad to have an uncle like you
    I think I am blessed in a few
    That I have an uncle like you
    I knew that you were thoughtful when my aunt describes you
    And, you are exactly what my aunt has described you as
    You are always there helping others in their needs
    You have always been there in our family toughest times
    In good times and in bad
    You have laughed with us in happy times
    And cried with us in sad
    You are a special uncle, As special as you can be
    More than that, you're been a friend,
    A cherished friend to me