• ubhayhastkushal 5w


    -Shubham Joshi

    It is not difficult to control your brain,
    Your mind easily you can train

    Many a times, on a work, you are unable to focus,
    You make mistakes and you finish it late, thus

    Though, physically present, mentally you are not there,
    As your thoughts are stuck somewhere,

    Someone is speaking to you, but you are not listening,
    As somewhere else, your thoughts are clinging

    But exactly, what you are thinking you don't know,
    You are worried, as your concentration level has become low

    You are unable to remember and memorize
    Even you think you have lost your ability to learn and analyze

    So, no need to worry, nothing is serious,
    For getting out of such situation you should be curious

    Controlling your brain is what you are required to do,
    But it is not something achievable in a day or two

    A long period of practice , it requires
    Start doing it before out of confusion, your brain expires

    Resort to yoga and meditation,
    Fool are those, of yoga who make fun

    Yoga and meditation calm down your anxiety,
    And make your body and mind, mighty

    Close your eyes and inhale deep
    And the count of inhales, you can keep

    Go for exercises of brain training
    Where left and right hemispheres of brain, we are supposed to be synchronizing

    Try to read more and more,
    In your brain, new knowledge, try to store

    Learn a new skill or art,
    For sharpening your brain, it will be a good start

    The more you learn and your brain you train,
    The more changes occur in the structure of your brain

    Try to utilize the hundred percent of your brain faster,
    And of different arts and skills become the master

    You will observe a great difference in your brain's capability
    And you will emerge as a great personality

    -Shubham Joshi