• prathmeshshinde_ 42w

    I_ miss_ you__

    When u said, that you need your space and time.
    When u said, that I was making it hard for your peace of mind.
    I stopped myself from serving all the words and rhymes.
    And I stopped myself from launching all the kites in your skies.
    But then I missed every inch of your lusty smile.
    And I missed every colour of your soul.
    Lonley I get without you, every time.
    No matter, how much I spend on wine!
    I'll be here for you for all of my life.
    I know life stays on the edge of a knife.
    You shall have all your space and time.
    But I still wish to get you back here alright.
    I love you for thousand mornings and nights..
    Take care, you are the angle of sunrise.

    © Prathmesh Rajendra Shinde