• anjalijaman_ 5w

    one more rape ..
    too much burden upon all the men in India rn
    it's just coz of some fucking bastards !
    now all the men are questioned, blamed, addressed as devils, said they aren't trustworthy anymore.
    they r under alot of pressure !
    some fucking bastards are right there enjoying their lives in jail having meal three times a day ... and all the men out here are suffering.
    evn a girl will go though alot more things than boys !
    but its not about the girl or the boy... it's about us !
    each n every citizen of india .. whether it may be you, me, our parents, family, siblings, cousins, friends, police, politicians, CM, PM, docters, engineers, funcking everyone who breath oxygen for their living !
    we need to understand that wateva is gng on in this country is wrong .. totally wrong !
    mens out their should protect everyone who is in danger not on their gender bases.
    women need to be Sharp enough to sense the danger around herself n have a plan to excape from it ! And everytime should carry something that would put her out of danger !
    don't teach each other how to behave !
    teach everyone humanity !
    we all r humans .. we should know what humanity is !