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    Coke is life!!!
    Please do read and repost if it left a good taste



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    BE LIKE COca-COla

    Coke is literally the best thing in the world
    Lemme tell you why

    1.He is easy going- you can pair him up with anyone

    From the costliest and highly customizable pizzas and pastas
    To the cheesiest and juiciest burgers
    To the mouth watering biryanis
    To the roadside parotta's and the spiced up fired rice and noodles

    And he'll still taste good

    2.He's highly versatile- you can get him in all sizes

    From small tin cans that fit in your hands
    To large bottles that can run parties all night

    3. He has a bad temper-

    When cold,people pour him in glasses and worship him
    When hot,he is not to be bothered with ,as he leaves a bad tatste

    And he doesn't like to be pushed around or messed with,
    Unless you wanna spill his anger