• margielungano_ 6w


    'I love you more and more,' he said and locked lips with hers once more.
    Ruby moaned as Harvey's tongue rolled against hers in a kiss so passionate and intimate that her knees all went weak. His hands were all over her body, her body was on fire and only Harvey was capable of quenching it. His lips left hers and began trailing kisses down her throat and sucked on that sweet spot earning him some sweet moans. His lips trailed lower and began to suck her breasts through the thin material of her white blouse she was wearing. He used his fingers to unbutton her blouse exposing her flesh. He kissed her all over making her moan over and over again.
    Harvey couldn't wait anymore. He needed her so bad and he wasn't going to keep on having this foreplay anymore.
    'I can't wait anymore,' he murmured in her ear and she nodded in response.
    He lifted her and carried her to the couch where he laid her down. He worked fast and removed her trousers she had on and her lacy panties that were stuck to her body like glue. He parted her legs gently and looked at her.
    'What are you waiting for?' Ruby asked.
    'For that,' he answered and lowered his mouth on that throbbing bud of hers.
    Ruby held down her cries as he licked and sucked her in-between her legs. He feasted on her, made her moan and wriggle as he gave her all his attention to that small nub. When she reached her climax, he let her calm down while he dropped down his pants freeing himself. He cupped her cheeks and gave her a kiss on the lips before he penetrated her deep inside her. She held on tightly onto him as he gave it to her hard and rough.
    'I love you,' she whispered to him and that shook him to the core.
    'I love you too babe,' he groaned and plunged in deeper, giving that sweet bud a twist and Ruby fell apart. Seeing her shaking with ecstasy he couldn't help it but followed her, emptying his seed deep inside her.
    A nasty thought came into his mind as Ruby milked him. What would his babies look like with her? They never used protection after all. Their parents would kill them if they have a child before finishing school. However kids weren't the issue at the moment. He had things he had to do first and make the woman his. He couldn't wait to see that happening.