• nitanshi_ 6w


    There are memories,
    And the frozen hopes.
    Corpse of dead love,
    And bleeding wounds.
    Covered up,
    In a wide smile,
    And loud laughter.
    There is the veil I wear,
    As i am afraid to
    Loose people anymore.
    I am afraid to scare them,
    And they will leave for sure.
    There is loud silence and
    My heart just beating,
    My mind babbling,
    "Everything is fine"..
    Covering up everything,
    That's possible to hide.
    The days pass by,
    As I am in a dream.
    As pages rustled by,
    And no word could be seen.
    But the nights,
    Oh! The nights scare me.
    When I undress that veil,
    And wounds start to bleed.
    The memories haunt,
    The corpse sits on my chest,
    Staring straight into my eyes.
    Laughing and Enjoying his victory,
    And I just lie there Paralysed.