• dreamcatchergirl25 5w

    A girl is looking outside at window
    From her room
    Everyone is busy on their own way
    She is in the room where there is completely dark
    10 years have gone
    She is still the same as she was before
    Always thinking about her special friend
    her parents left her
    They locked her in the room
    His voices are coming in her mind
    Her eyes are searching for his eyes
    She always sees his special friend pic on her phone and keeps herself console that one day he will come back to her
    She have left everything for him
    The girl was very talented, talkative, enjoyable
    Who have turned into silent girl
    No one loves, cares for her
    She is totally depressed.. She never wanted to be mad but she became..
    But her special friend never came back never texted her nor even call her...
    Being so frustrated with her own life finally she killed herself