• eyg744 10w

    -Burning Desire-

    Going Back to what gets me back on track.
    To what keeps the strive alive. 
    It's lyed dorment all these years.
    Hidden behind all my fears and slowly being washed away by my tears.
    No longer do I doubt what I'm capable of doing.
    I'm letting go of the past and just continue moving.
    Moving foward without Hesitation.
    Everything I've been through is just my Motivation.
    Not thinking If I'll be the Next Musical Senstation.
    I'm just full of Determination.
    Not letting others actions affect my desicions.
    At the same time thanking them for all their attention.
    Keeping in mind it's not going to be easy.
    Thanking God for this Second Chance he has bestowed before me.
    Reasured that it's all going to be worth it.
    Knowing that this fire I hold within me will forever remain lit.
    By: E.Y.G.♪♫♪