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    *After 8 years *
    I gradually adjusted myself to the conditions around me and his absence. I still admired him for what he did that day and still respected him. From school to college and now for the job interview. Heartbeats faster as only 5 people would be selected out of 20.
    When the results were declared the first name was Natasha. I was on top of the world. But my happiness lasted for just few seconds as the next name I heard was Karan. To my surprise he was the same Karan who entered the class that day and held the hand of my so called enemy 'Juhi '. All the moments spent without him crossed my eyes. I suddenly came back from consciousness and tried to run away. A hand clutched me and it was Karan. Tears dripping off my eyes as the loud silence stood around me. He finally started the conversation.......


    Hey! Not read the first part yet, go and check it out.
    Read this series under #find_your_own_happiness
    Want to know what happened exactly 8 years before, wait for the next parts.
    The idea behind this story is somewhat related to my life as well , maybe even you can connect to it.

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    " Sometimes silence says it all"