• taesirat 22w

    Diary of a broken heart 1/3���� @mirakeeworld

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    If I die, tell them I was driving drunk
    Drunk on the love you deprived me of
    I'm just empty now
    An empty body roaming the streets of loneliness
    You were the lead singer in this love song
    Ours is a sad love song which you sang so perfectly
    Now, I'm addicted to the melancholic tunes.

    All I need is a stab in my chest to numb this pain
    It has to end.
    Help me.

    Can't you hear me screaming silently at you to love me
    Even though I'm doing this in my head
    I thought I overheard my mom saying that if you were my soulmate you should be able to hear me silently.
    The alcohol has gotten my head muddled.
    Intoxicated and sad.