• nidhi171 9w

    What am I aiming for??

    What am I aiming for

    Many a times
    I wonder
    Why it happens with all
    The things that shouldn't matter
    Matter  to us the most

    We start believing
    Rat race is the ultimate chase
    We go at any length
    To be in that pace

    Amidst  the fight of
    Being the best
    We overlook the
    Values and virtues
    That's actually what
    We should possess

    We tend to demean others
    And feel
    It's the only right way
    To climb the success ladder

    Reaching the peak
    Becomes our
    Final destination
    Irrespective of ethics
    we sacrifice
    For it's culmination

    Somewhere  I find myself
    To be misfit in this world
    of  plot and tricks
    And I contemplate
    Why can't we just keep
    Everything simple
    and  Strive to earn the people
    Not the position

    Life is short
    And clock is ticking
    Time passing in a blink
    So Just sit for a while
    And analyse
    Was it worth  gaining
    What  we  gained
    Was it worth making
    The sacrifices we made

    Material is just material
    But Emotion and values are real
    Try to Earn  love and  respect
    As It's the only way of
    Becoming the best among the   best