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    The sun was about to say goodbye to day,
    when she to her father was gonna say,
    'Dad, the lady ghost will come again tonight,
    I feel scared everytime you switch off the light.

    The ghost says that one day you will marry me,
    to just some other guy or some wannabe,
    And that I will have to leave you to go afar,
    where if I'm scared, I can't even leave my door ajar.

    Dad, please don't go now, I feel scared,
    If I had a Mom I know, she would have cared.
    The lady wears blue and talks just so sweet,
    I can hear whispers of her under this very sheet.'

    Surprisingly, Dad smiled back and patted my head,
    'Dear, blue was the dress she wore when we wed.
    Heed my advice child and let her speak full tonight,
    Let her come close and shake off all the fright.'

    The same night, I laid back, waiting for her to come,
    And she appeared beside me smiling again,
    'Yes, you will leave him but hear my child,
    me and him will always be there, in thick and wild.

    No matter how lost you feel or how far you go,
    Our love will always find you even if you say - No.
    Don't you worry child, I watch your every step,
    In stormy nights, I loved watchin' when my little Lily slept.'

    It was then that I saw her perfect illuminated face,
    Moonlight danced around, flowers blooming in vase.
    Finally...In what seemed like eons, I smiled back at her,
    As I closed my eyes for the night,
    she wrapped me in her beautiful Blue attire.

    My submission for the Image Prompt by @carolyns_challenges

    #mirakee #imagepromptchallenge

    Just another take to the picture prompt. Hope you like.
    Thanks for the challenge.

    Artwork: Layla Nowras

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    The Lady in Blue