• bae_writes 5w

    When mom asks what's wrong with me
    I couldn't answer nor could I speak
    My lips were sealed like I hide a secret
    I overthink and I knew I need treatment
    "You'll be fine" is all they say
    And that's the reason why I keep things to myself
    Knowing this feeling doesn't seem to fade
    I always refuse to go ask for help
    Felt like I've lost myself, hope and my faith
    Everything around me looks so fake
    Counting on days I'll be happy again
    Hopefully, there will be a cure for all pain
    Writing down my tears
    Penning down the stress
    I feel Lil better and a Lit bit brave
    I know, I believe
    I'll be stronger as I rise up
    But for now, I'm really really tired
    So I need some time
    I need some rest
    Long long enough
    To recover from this mess