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    Just a glimpse from "Attempts & Rhymes", story of a chartered accountant..

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    ।। Achievement ।।

    We met after long time, ages I guess. I was expecting love and fondness, craving for each other.

    All my expectations shattered in one stroke, I could see scattered pieces of my heart all around.

    She bluntly fired her questions. Who are you? What have you achieved in your life??

    I was watching her surprisingly, I was not expecting any of it.

    I took a deep breath, then I replied to her.
    I have achieved "Happiness" and I am a "Happy Person" today.

    She again fired in anger, you cannot fill your stomach with this bloody happiness of your's.
    But darling, I can fill my heart with satisfaction and love (Divine feelings, she wasn't aware of), very calmly I told her.
    I laughed silently at her foolishness, she doesn't even know, "a Happy Heart can achieve anything in life", money, success, anything, you just name it.

    I rhymed, after she left. "Face is same and she also has her name but she is not that girl who was once my only pearl".