• darkness_within 6w

    Old Love

    It's 12am, I think I'm drunk
    But still sober enough to crave your love
    Why do I love someone who hurt me?
    When you broke my heart,
    Did you take a piece with you?

    I'm aware we will never end up together forever
    But yet I still imagine us together
    I love you, baby I love you
    Come to my house
    And tell everyone in it lies again
    You were my first love, I can't get over you
    I love you so much
    Kiss my lips like you used to

    We are toxic for one another
    We can never be happy together
    But you can hold me over
    Please hold me over

    Baby it's 12 am
    I am drunk
    I miss your name on my phone
    Come to my house, show me your face
    Let me make everyone ashamed
    Because no one believe you are mine
    But you are mine,
    I am yours
    Kiss my lips
    Hold my waist
    Take my hand
    Keep me safe
    Baby I love you, I never stoped
    Come back into my life
    Just don't make me regret this again